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When you trust your care to Northwest Regional Heart and Vascular you’re placing your heart in the hands of a team that’s dedicated to you. Each person you encounter will use their training, experience and your personalized treatment plan to make sure you get exactly what you need. Through every step of the process you’ll be receiving the best care possible from a team that’s working together just for you.

Thomas Molloy, MD

Jeffrey F. Boskind, MD

Chad L. Carr, MS, MD, F.A.C.C.

Ronald Chelsky, MD, FACC

Douglas L. Dawley, MD

Bradley H. Evans, MD

Mark Hart, MD, FACC

Fawaz Alhumaid, MD, FHRS

Jed R. Peterson, MD

Allison Kos, MS, PA-C

J. Pearce Beissinger, MS, PA-C

Raman Kansal, MD

Angela Burch, PA-C

Krystal Samuel, DO

Eugene Spear, MD, FACC

Abendra Balakista Naidoo MD, PhD, FACC

Steven Guyton, MD, MHA

Brian Moyers, MD

Brett Quarles, PA-C

Erin Boehm, MD

Jeffrey M Drood, MD

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