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Do you know that heart disease is the #1 killer for both men and women in the US?

Our free 5-minute assessment will help you understand your risk factors and what you can do to improve your heart health. You’ll also see a helpful comparison that shows your heart age compared to your real age and your 10 and 30 year risk for developing cardiovascular disease.

Heart Age Assessment tips

  • The more information you have about your heart history and health the more feedback the assessment will be able to provide. Ideally you’ll know your blood pressure and cholesterol numbers but even without that information you’ll still receive valuable information on your risk factors.
  • This assessment will provide a detailed report that you can print out or email.
  • If you share a link to this assessment with someone your personal results will remain private.
  • We recommend that you discuss your results with your doctor, especially if you are at high-risk.

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