The Pavillion at Adventist Medical Center

Located in the Pavilion at Adventist Medical Center, the Portland campus of Northwest Regional Heart and Vascular offers a complete range of cardiac services.  Our universal bed system is designed to offer patients complete care without the need to move to different units as treatment progresses.

At Northwest Regional Heart and Vascular our Board Certified Cardiologists and Cardiothoracic Surgeons use some of the most advanced technologies, and utilize the latest treatment techniques. Our skilled Nurses, Dietitians, Therapist and Educators, work as a team to ensure each patient receives personalized, compassionate and the most effective care available.

10000 SE Main St.,
Portland, OR 97216

Mon-Fri 8:30am - 4:30pm

Contact Phone Numbers

Surgical Associates: 503-607-8380

Southeast Portland Surgical Clinic: 503-607-8379

Northwest Cardiovascular Institute: 503-607-8376

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Portland Area Services Include

  • Cardiologist and Cardiac Surgeon's clinics located within Northwest Regional Heart and Vascular.
  • New Cardiac and Vascular Cath Labs that are located next to the Emergency Department with direct helicopter and ambulance access that allows for quicker and more efficient treatment for our cardiac patients.
  • New Cardiovascular Unit. This is a highly specialized unit using an acuity adaptable bed design to care for patients who have had cardiac surgery. This allows the patient to stay in one place from admission through discharge. Hospitals that use this innovative design have shown improved clinical outcomes and measurable improvements in length of stay.
  • Diagnostic services located within the cardiac care unit. Test such as echocardiograms, nuclear cardiology, stress testing and other cardiac diagnostic test are conveniently located in Northwest Regional Heart and Vascular.
  • New patient and family lobby area. This includes a concierge's desk along with dining options for you and your family's convenience.