Eugene Spear, MD, FACC

Dr. Eugene Spear is board certified in cardiovascular disease and internal medicine. He attended medical school at Oregon Health and Science University and completed residency training at University of California Davis Medical Center. He went on to complete fellowships at both UC Davis Medical Center and OHSU.

As he went through school, Dr. Spear was planning to become an internal medicine physician. But during a residency rotation the chief of cardiology led him to choose this specialty. Getting to know patients and helping them improve the health and quality of life is his favorite part of the job.

Dr. Spear says the greatest reward he gets form his job is the satisfaction he receives from patients. He provides cardiovascular care for patients at Federal Correctional Institution, Sheridan. He provides a clinic for patients, cares for heart attacks and other cardiac emergencies as well as presenting a talk on heart health each year during men’s health week.

In his spare time Dr. Spear enjoys running, water skiing and biking. He has become active in 4-H with his children.