Brian Moyers, MD
Cardiac Electrophysiology

Dr. Brian Moyers is a board certified internal medicine and cardiac electrophysiology physician. He specializes in heart rhythm disorders caused by irregular electrical activity in the heart.

After medical training at University of California San Francisco Dr. Moyers completed cardiology and electrophysiology fellowships. He always knew he wanted to work with the heart, which he finds fascinating and beautiful.

Solving the complex puzzles of heart rhythm issues, helping patients feel better and recover their quality of life is what Dr. Moyers finds most rewarding about practicing medicine. Being able to use problem-solving skills and working with hands to perform healing procedures helps make this specialty a perfect fit for his skills and passions.

Dr. Moyers spends his free time embracing the best of what the Northwest has to offer. In his spare time he enjoys hiking, running and cooking food he and his wife find at local farmers’ markets.