From farmer to heart patient

Posted By: Adam Lee | January 10, 2019

Terry Charvet’s path from his life as a farmer in Washington’s Yakima Valley to Northwest Regional Heart and Vascular took many years, but today he’s glad he made the trip. About 15 years ago, Terry’s primary care doctor heard a murmur in Terry’s heart. They kept watching it, and a couple years later the murmur […]

You were there when I needed you.

Posted By: Adam Lee | February 19, 2018

After a bout of shingles and neuropathy Virginia began experiencing pain and numbness in her legs. Her right leg and foot was also cold all the time. Working with her primary care physician, they were able to diagnose Virginia with Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD). Virginia was referred to Jed Peterson, MD, and Raman Kansal, MD, […]

A Heartfelt Year

Posted By: Adam Lee | January 21, 2017

About a year ago, our family set out to make some heart-healthy diet changes. Based on diet changes recommended by Dr. Anabel Facemire, a cardiologist with Northwest Regional Heart & Vascular, we decided to give our kitchen a chance to improve our heart health. This is the story of what we did…and what it did […]

Our Heart-Healthy Journey

Posted By: Adam Lee | May 19, 2016

This is the first part is series of guest posts by Laurel Rogers. Laurel is chronicling her family’s quest to eat a more heart healthy diet.  Can an average family make heart-healthy diet changes without going crazy? I wasn’t sure, but I set out to find out. It started innocently enough. I had an interview with […]

Linda – Robotic Heart Surgery Patient

Posted By: Adam Lee | June 29, 2015

Linda was traveling when she first noticed something odd. What started out feeling like acid reflux turned into pain in her left arm. After seeing her doctor and undergoing stress tests Linda learned that one of her arteries was 99% blocked. Linda chose Dr. Molloy. After seeing her sister undergo more invasive heart surgery, Linda […]



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